WE ARE TRYING SOMETHING NEW - USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO STORE IMAGES ABOUT THE HISTORY OF FUN ACTIVITIES WITH THE LODGE. Our individual History book pages are being converted to FACEBOOK ALBUMS for each year so we could share the memories of fun times enjoyed by the members. Look for the image similar to the one to the right which indicates the start of an event set of photos. Click/Tap on any one of these images and you can browse forward for the rest of the year from that point.

Our History Books are also available by going directly to the Skjold Facebook page, selecting Photos on the left side menu, and in the Album section of Photos clicking on “See All” (top right).

2014 and earlier

Photo attribution: Creative commons CC0 / Pixabay.com
We are currently discussing how to make earlier History Book Pages available. First we will see how successful our new way of presenting the history of the lodge on-line is.