Here's what happens during a typical year.  We normally meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 2:00PM - 4:00PM at the All Saints Lutheran Church, 630 S Quentin Rd, Palatine, Illinois. The meeting starts with a "themed" potluck lunch where we encourage you to bring a dish that goes with the "theme". We do sometimes change meeting locations and times. Always check our meetings page for the latest times/locations) Our meetings usually feature a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history, or one that our members have been requesting that they find of interest.    In addition to our regular meetings we have special events and members participate in volunteer activities.

Part of our charter is to share our love of this beautiful country with others in our community.  GUESTS ARE VERY WELCOME AT OUR EVENTS AND MEETINGS!

While this page generally represents recurring lodge yearly activities, various Scandinavian and Norwegian heritage organizations in the Chicago hold other events in which our lodge may participate. This year's details are on our Meetings Page.
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*Regularly scheduled meeting with the installation of officers elected in November.  This meeting may not have a program.  The new President brings a special cake.  If we do not have a program, this meeting is might be less interesting to guests, but guests are very welcome at any meeting we hold.  Check our meetings page for the details of each meeting.

*Regularly scheduled meeting with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.  February is “Norwegian Sweater Month”.  We invite members and guests to wear their Norwegian sweater to the meeting. In recent years, this has been our 'CHILI COOK OFF" meeting. Details will be on our Meetings Page.

*Ski Race: Skjold Lodge volunteers at the Barnebirkie Children's ski race in Wisconsin.   As part of the American Birkebeiner ski race which brings skiers from around the world, over 1,300 children, ages 3-13 participate in their own race.   Each year members bake cookies for the participating children and the lodge often provides volunteers for the race.  District 5 has provided as many as 1,900 DOZEN COOKIES FOR THIS RACE!!! How can 1,300 children eat 1,900 DOZEN COOKIES? - That's where the adults come in. The 2012 numbers are in and we had 1,207 children skiing and a modest 1,429.5 dozen cookies - (Skjold Lodge provided 105 dozen).

*Special meeting - Each year we hold a meeting to raise money for production and distribution of our newsletter, "Skjold News".

*Regularly scheduled meeting with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.  Our April meeting often features initiation of new members and  a pot luck meal. 

*NO Regularly scheduled meeting as there are too many conflicts with Syttende Mai activities.

*Scholarships. Skjold Lodge funds 2 scholarships with application deadlines of May 1, as well as making annual donations to the Sons of Norway Foundation which also awards scholarships.  The Foundation has awarded almost $1.4 million in scholarships.

*Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day Activities and Parade).
  The country of Norway, celebrates the 1814 signing of its constitution with annual parades and festivities.  Those of Norwegian heritage in the U.S. and other countries hold counterpart parades and activities in their countries. Skjold Lodge members march in the annual Syttende Mai parade in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Regularly scheduled meeting with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.

*Annual Picnic. We hold our annual picnic, although sometimes we visit another lodge in either June or July instead of holding a regular lodge meeting.

*District V Heritage Camp for children.  Skjold Lodge sponsors and, based on funds available, pays part of the fee (historically about $150)  for children/grand children of members to attend.  Each year we select one child (but have funded as many as 3 children in one year).  Children may also receive a grant matching the lodge amount from District V.

*Regularly scheduled meeting with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.  Skjold Lodge delegates attend the Sons of Norway international convention in even numbered years.

*Scandinavian Day at VASA park. This is a late summer day with traditional food, crafts, gifts and entertainment representing the five Nordic Cultures.  Skjold Lodge has a food booth with pølse (a special kind of Norwegian hot dog) wrapped in lefse (a traditional soft Norwegian flat bread) and a baked goods table.

*Regularly scheduled meeting with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.

*Special meeting - Foundation Meeting: (Replaces our regularly scheduled meeting). Each year we help raise money for the Sons of Norway Foundation at our annual "Foundation meeting".  We ask for your donation. The Sons of Norway Foundation funds are used for charitable, scientific, literary and educational endeavors in the form of scholarships (almost $1.4M so far), grants, and loans. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went to the victims of 911, flooding in the Dakotas, natural disasters, and events that have impacted the lives of our members.  We feature a free pot luck meal and have a keynote speaker. about our Foundation meeting.   and more about the Sons of Norway Foundation


*Regularly scheduled meeting with a program on Norway or Norwegian culture and history.  Elections are held for the next year's officers.

*Skjold Lodge Heritage Fest. Each year we have a fest with food, crafts, demonstrations, bake sale, etc.

*Skjold Lodge Christmas Party. (Replaces our regularly scheduled meeting) Each year, Skjold Lodge hosts a Christmas party for members, guests and their children.  We serve a blend of conventional and Norwegian food with a great dessert table with many Norwegian treats. Parents bring gifts for Santa to give to their children.